Transfer CSPR

You can transfer CSPR or any ERC-20 token on the Casper network between any two accounts using Casper Wallet.

To do so, open Casper Wallet and scroll down to the tokens list. Then click on the token that you want to send. Then click the Send button.

You can send any token that appears in your Tokens list

Add your recipient's public key when prompted. It is highly recommended that you copy and paste the recipient public key rather than type it in character by character to avoid typos. Once you've entered the public key double check that the address is correct - if you send funds to the wrong address you won't be able to get them back!

You can paste your recipients public key directly into the 'To recipient' field

Follow the on screen instructions to complete the token transfer. The transfer initiates as soon as the deploy is signed. You can view any pending transfer using the deploys tab. (It may take 1-2 minutes for the deploy details to become available.)

Review the status of any transfer using the deploys tab on the home screen