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Migrating to Casper Wallet from Signer

Migrating your Signer account to Casper Wallet

This documentation is aimed to help Signer users easily transition any existing accounts to Casper Wallet. Casper Wallet offers all of the core capabilities of Signer and although it requires some manual effort, Signer users are strongly encouraged to move their accounts to Casper Wallet to ensure the best possible experience.The following instructions demonstrate step-by-step how to download your Signer accounts and import them into Casper Wallet.

Download your secret files in Signer

To get started, log into your Signer account. Open the ☰ menu and select Key Management. Click the download button beside each account listed on the screen to download your unique account secret keys. These files will download as .PEM files on your device. Share them with no one else and do not lose them.

Launch Casper Wallet

If you have not done so yet, download and install Casper Wallet. Launch the extension and complete the on screen instructions to set a password and create your wallet’s recovery phrase.

Once you’ve completed all on screen instructions and you have your new recovery phrase generated, click the ☰ button and select Import account.

Import keys into Casper Wallet

Next, you’ll be prompted to upload your secret key files. Click Upload your file and using the file picker navigate to the folder containing the secret key files you downloaded from Signer. Select any of the .PEM files to continue. You will be prompted to rename the account and import.

Repeat the import steps until all secret key files have been added to your Casper Wallet.

Decommission Signer

You’re not done yet! Once you’ve had a chance to acclimate to Casper Wallet we encourage you to tie up loose ends and delete your Signer extension. Make sure your secret key .PEM files are stored in a secure location. Similar to Signer, if anything ever happens with your Casper Wallet access, (e.g. you accidentally reset your wallet, or you delete an account) the .PEM files can be re-imported in Casper Wallet at any time to restore the account.

Now that you’ve successfully transitioned your accounts from Signer to Casper Wallet. Browse the other Casper Wallet User Guides to learn and enjoy the full range of capabilities the offered by the app.