How to Buy Casper (CSPR)

You can buy CSPR using Casper Wallet. Download and install Casper Wallet and set up your wallet using the on screen instructions. Check the network selector at the top of the Wallet screen to make sure Mainnet is selected (if you need CSPR on testnet, visit the faucet.) Then click the Buy button.

buy CSPR with Casper Wallet
Click the Buy CSPR button to continue to purchase

Casper Wallet is conveniently integrated with Topper for speedy CSPR purchases using a wide range of fiat currencies including USD. When you land on the Topper purchase screen your public key is prepopulated. Simply follow the on screen instructions to buy your CSPR. Once you've completed the instructions allow several minutes for your CSPR balance to update. Note that some KYB information will be required to purchase CSPR with fiat.

Buy CSPR with Casper Wallet topper integration
Casper Wallet uses Topper to make purchasing easy