Getting Started with Casper Wallet

When you download and install Casper Wallet for the first time, you are welcomed with an intuitive onboarding process that guides you through the creation of a new account or import of your existing accounts to Casper Wallet. 

Click Get started to proceed.

"Create a strong password that's at least 16 characters long, consisting of multiple words and adding in some special characters and/or numbers. The words should be unrelated and easy for you to remember, but not too common or obvious. This password will be used to unlock your wallet.

Secret phrase: From this screen you have two options:

Option 1: Create a brand new account by choosing Create my secret recovery phrase

Option 2: If you already have existing account(s) on Casper network, you can choose to import them to Casper Wallet by choosing Import an existing secret recovery phrase.

Option 1: Create a new secret recovery phrase

Read the notes carefully, confirm and click Next

It is of absolute importance to store your secret recovery phrase somewhere safe. Do NOT share it with anyone! If you lose access to your secret recovery phrase, you risk losing all the tokens stored in your wallet.

  • You can click on the lock icon to display the secret recovery phrase. It is highly recommended to write your phrase down on paper, have multiple copies, and store it somewhere safe. After all, Casper Wallet is a self-custody wallet - you are solely responsible for your assets!
  • You can also copy the whole secret recovery phrase with one click. 

After you have safely stored your secret recovery phrase, confirm and click Next.

You are then prompted with a test to make sure you have stored your secret recovery phrase. Choose the words in the exact order that you see in your secret recovery phrase, and click Confirm.

If successful, a confirmation message will appear. Check out the given tips on the screen, and click Done to continue.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Casper Wallet, and created your first account.

If your input is incorrect, you are prompted to create a new secret recovery phrase.

Option 2: Import an existing secret recovery phrase

This option is for those who already have a secret recovery phrase, either from Casper Wallet or another CSPR supported wallet such as Ledger, and want to import/recover them.

Enter your 24-word secret recovery phrase, with a space between each word, and you are ready to go!

Please note that Casper Wallet will only bring back your main account on recovery. If you had multiple accounts tied to your recovery phrase, you can bring them back simply by creating new accounts on Casper Wallet. Your previous accounts will come back with their balance in the same order as you created them in the first place.