How to connect Casper Wallet to a dApp

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You can connect your Casper Wallet with many dApps throghout the Casper ecosystem. As an example, we'll show you how to connect to Casper's blockchain explorer,

Connecting to allows you to perform actions such as Transferring, Delegating, or Undelegating your CSPR. The following steps are performed in testnet

Step 1: On, click Sign in button on the top right corner of the navigation bar

Step 2: is integrated with, which gives you multiple wallet options to choose from, and let's you sign into multiple supported apps at once, similar to an SSO style experience. Go ahead and click the Casper Wallet option to continue.

Step 3: The Casper Wallet browser extension will trigger a prompt, asking you to choose the Account(s) you want to connect with Choose account(s) of your choice and click Next.

To protect your security, Casper Wallet will return a confirmation message that displays what Dapp you are connecting to, and what the Dapp can do to your Account(s). You can choose to proceed or cancel the connection prompt. 

Note: Always beware of scam sites and only connect with Dapps you trust!

Once you confirm, a connection between your Account via Casper Wallet and is established. You are good to go!